Sponsor FAQ

gWho should I contact about sending my company’s representative?

Please send an email to ‘info@bsidesphilly.org’ with the following information about your primary POC who will be on hand at BSidesPhilly representing your organization:

Name (and any nicknames used to register)
Cell Phone Number
Email Address

Where should items be shipped?

Please ship items, with insurance and tracking, to arrive by November 28th.  Address will be provided in a separate email. Items not clearly marked will be held in the BSidesPhilly Gear Room for pick-up. To ensure delivery to the proper table, please make sure to include on the packing slip or somewhere visibly on the shipping container:

“ATTN:[YOUR COMPANY NAME]” – if it’s destined for your Sponsor table

“ATTN: BSPHILLY Bag SWAG-[YOUR COMPANY NAME]” – if it’s destined for the swag bags handed out by registration (we pack those on Sunday afternoon)

“ATTN: BSPHILLY Sponsor Coordinator-[YOUR COMPANY NAME]” – if it’s something we need to hand out/throw-out between tracks

How can we have our booth items shipped back?

Please note that BSidesPhilly does not coordinate outbound shipping needs.  Please have your onsite staff make accommodations directly. There are several UPS stores and a FedEx Office store in the general vicinity of the Tuscany. Search Google Maps for the nearest locations.

What is the dress code?

It is generally casual. Mostly t-shirts and jeans, with a smattering of polo shirts and slacks and a few suits.

How will we find our table?

The tables will be labelled with your organization’s name ahead of time.

How can we help with the event?

Please be sure to reach out to all your business & personal contacts and tell them about BSidesPhilly! You can also send employees that aren’t staffing the table to volunteer. They can sign up at the volunteer page.

Where can I find the Conference agenda?


What kind of giveaways are popular for swag?

The swag giveaways in the past have been:

  • T shirts
  • Rubik cubes or other puzzles
  • Soft items that won’t hurt if tossed into the audience

We’re pretty keen on fun stuff like:

  • Finger Rockets
  • Soft Frisbees
  • Flying Screaming Monkeys
  • Beach Balls

We also see some good ideas at:


What are the attendee numbers for BSidesPhilly so I know how many items to send?

We’re planning for a total of 300 delegates, over the course of two days.  Shooting for 250 – 300 would be fine, or less, it is up to you.

What is the table size?

Six foot tables

Are you able to tell me the demographics, attendee’s company or names of attendees prior to BSidesPhilly?

We don’t collect this information from our participants.  Any “leads” are generated by folks coming to your booth and providing info or business card. We respect our participants’ privacy and never collect information during registration, however, we get a good cross-section of researchers, analysts, executives, C-levels, students and InfoSec enthusiasts.

You are welcome to host your own business card raffle, to attract participants to your table. We’ll announce the winner(s) for you at our closing ceremonies on Wednesday evening.

What are the times that the our booth will need to be staffed?

8:30 AM to 7 PM on Friday

Talks end at 6:55 PM on Friday and Closing Ceremonies start at 7 PM

What are the times for booth setup?

Friday from 7:30 AM to 8:30 AM

Will wireless access?

Yes, WiFi will be available throughout the conference space.  There will be multiple wireless networks, including a dedicated WLAN for Sponsors.  Please note that we recommend a MiFi or VPN for any sensitive transactions or data.

Anything else we need to consider?

Sending high energy folks to fill in would be great.  Please consider sending more than two each day so that “shifts” can be taken and your representatives do not get burnt out.