Hack Challenge – Are you a master at CTF challenges? Prove it!

Wired CTF

The wired CTF challenge will include challenges for all skill levels. Whether you are a first time challenger or an expert hacker, there is something to find.  Using everything from nmap to buffer overruns, find the hidden flags on the wired network. There will be 10-15 (or more) different hosts with a variety of vulnerabilities to exploit and flags to find.

Be sure to bring the following:

  • laptop with Kali Linux. (Installed or live CD.)
  • Ethernet cord
  • Powerstrip.

There will be no Internet access available for the wired challenge, and Kali should contain all the tools needed.

Wireless CTF

Wireless challenges will include more than 12 challenges cover a range of RF disciplines and technologies. The challenge will include challenges for beginners to Advanced. Hack your way through Hardware hacks, Web interfaces, Store fronts, Application and session layer challenges and VOIP.
On top of the conventional 2.4ghz challenges, there will be many RF hunt & hacks!

  • Find the signals
  • Identify the signals
  • Decode the signals

Be sure to bring your SDR hardware and the hack platform of your choosing! Things you may want to bring for the wireless Challenges:

  • At least 1 ( 2 is better) SDR radio capable between 100mhz through 1.7ghz range. Some challenges will go into the 5.8ghz range. (hint hint)
  • Frequency counter or something that you can use as one (SDR will work)
  • Laptop with Kali with SDR-distro tools installed. Other distros that support tools such as “fldigi” will also be a great addition.
  • At least 1 (2 or more is better) ALFAs or similar device that can be put into monitor mode.
  • Bluetooth dongle and your favorite software.

Optional things that might help:

  • A HackRF or YardStick One would be VERY useful for these challenges (hint, hint)
  • A Hak5 pineapple would be a very good suggestion!
  • Amateur Radio transmitter or scanner
  • 802.15.1 signal equipment
  • 802.15.4 signal equipment

About Ryan Knox

Is an IT Professional that has a deep passion for security. Ryan has been in IT for 12 years and involved in the IT Security community since his start in IT. Ryan has attended and participated in many conferences over the years including Defcon, Hope, Derbycon, Shmoocon, Pumpcon and has also been a volunteer at BSides Delaware. At BSides Delaware he learned firsthand what it takes to run a successful security conference. Ryan is the founder of “Knox Security LLC” a startup security company focusing on Cyber Security Management for small and medium sized organizations.